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Olympus The Story

Chapter 1: The Beginning

At first, there is no world like what we know now. What there is only nothingness. But there is someone there. Chaos, the one who well known as "The formless god" living alone in this nothingness. Feeling lonely, Chaos then created Nyx “The goddess of the night” to accompany him. Then Chaos married his own daughter.
Chaos and Nyx living together as husband and wife, but there is no happiness between them. Chaos who has no shape and Nyx whom all black and dark did not found even a single happiness in their family. Chaos got bored, and even Nyx feeling the same. But fortunately, their son, Erebus “The god of darkness” has born.
"Make a change, my son. Do what you think need to do!" said Chaos to Erebus.
Erebus want to do what his father tell him, But, he know that the change will not happen if Chaos still in the throne. So he defeated Chaos, then he put Chaos, his own father to a cage.
Erebus sits on the throne, now Erebus being the ruler of the nothingness and he is marrying his own mother, Nyx.
But what happened after Erebus on the throne is all getting worse unexpectedly. Erebus “The god of the darkness” and Nyx “The goddess of the night” made everything around them more dark and black.
Erebus and Nyx then have two child, Aether “The god of the light” and Hemera “The goddess of the daytime”.
Aether and Hemera want to change the darkness to something more beautiful. They coup against their parents, and together, they rule everything. This is for the first time for the universe to have the light and everything become bright.
Aether and Hemera then have one child, Agape "The god of the love" (as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection, the ancient Greeks made the distinction between Eros and Agape as their god of love).

With Agape help, Aether and Hemera created earth and its goddess, Gaia "The goddess of the earth". And they created Pontus or ocean that covering most of earth surface. They also created the underworld far away in the bowels of earth, and that's where the Hell of Tartarus is located. And then they throw Chaos along their parents, Erebus and Nyx to the Tartarus.
Agape feel unsatisfied when he looked at the earth that still empty without any living things. He don't like the empty earth that still arid and too quiet. So, Agape took one of his arrows and fired it down to the earth. Right when Agape’s arrow touches the ground, then in a blink of eye earth become full of many kinds plants and animals.
The goddess of the earth, Gaia completing all what was done by Aether, Hemera and Agape with giving birth  to Uranus "The god of the Sky" herself. Then, Gaia married Uranus and becoming his own son wife. Uranus and Gaia are the first god and goddess who rule the universe.


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